Located 90 km from Gîte Souss, Tiznit is one of the most famous medina in southwest Morocco. It has gained a great reputation for its goldsmithery whose Fibula is the flagship symbol.


About 40 kilometers south of Agadir, the fishing village of Tifnit offers landscapes and a centuries-old history. An authentic place, caught between the clutches of time. Traditional fishermen's village offers the possibility of fishing. And not far from Tifnit you discover "Ouled Mimoun" the dynamic associative of the rural world. Possibility of being welcomed by the village association.

Agadir Inoummar

This agadir is one of the largest collective granaries of the western anti-Atlas, with its 295 warehouses. You will be welcomed by the argan association ILLALEN which will make you discover the back country of Morocco.


Located 56 km north east of Gite souss, accesses it crossing the beautiful valley of paradise, a gorge lined with oleanders and palm trees. The waterfalls are among the most beautiful falls falls from the plateau into several falls that land In basins at the foot of the cliff. Almond trees bloom in March-April.


the grotte of Wintimdouin, is a wonder of nature. Located 70 km from the city of Agadir, it is the largest reservoir of groundwater in the North of Africa with a length of 19000 m. Many legends that mark the spirits and behaviors of the neighboring inhabitants. Bats, nocturnal insects and other microscopic species are the official residents of this cave. Interviews and testimonials accompany the images and professors and researchers marking their passages to enrich the text with scientific information. This documentary is also the first to present breathtaking images with professional standards and an artistic touch thanks to the perfection of the material used: digital camera, sophisticated lighting, highly controlled sound system that make the stalagmites and stalactites that decorate the different Galleries and studios of this cave, appear works of art; Painted by the genius of the hand of nature.


Tafraout is surrounded by a myriad of rocks of various shapes, rising above a palm grove which houses argan trees and plantations of almond and olive trees. In spring, the valley of Tafraout offers a magnificent spectacle when the almond trees are in bloom. The Chleuh or ichel hiyen inhabitants of the Tafraout valley cultivate cereals and many fruit trees, including almond trees. The tribes nearest to Tafraut are Ammeln, Tahala, Ida Osemla, Ait Wafka, Amanouz, Ait bounouh and Tasrirt. Tafraout means "the hive" in Berber, a small town very typical with its traditional souks.


A beautiful oasis in the middle of the Arganeraie of Souss about 5 kilometers from Taroudant. Tioute, whose inhabitants have preserved their traditional way of life, regroups seven villages articulated around an old kasbah of the 16th century and which dates from the Saadian era. Known for its natural landscapes, the sympathy of its inhabitants, the calm it offers far from the beaten track, but also by its ... donkeys. Yes it sounds unusual, but this small oasis is renowned for the donkey rides that children offer to tourists. We can count them by hundreds, and we cross them everywhere. Exceptional not?


It is the cradle of one of the strongest dynasties of Morocco which led counter-attacks to liberate the Atlantic coast of Portuguese in the 16th century. Tidsi is an oasis known for its organic farming and traditional water management from the five sources.

Taddart Oguerram

Taddart d'Inzerki or Taddart or Guerram, this is what is called the oldest collective and traditional apiary in the world. It is said that it was the late Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Lahoucine of Taroudant who baptized it thus. According to members of the association Igounane Igounane-Inzerki, the apiary now consists of 279 cells. Each box can contain on average 15 to 20 traditional hives, or about 4,180 hives. Considering that each hive can produce 6 liters of honey minimum. The annual yield would be 25,000 liters of honey, based on thyme (Tazouknnit) and other medicinal plants. This gives the honey of the region an exceptional quality.