We are in full agricultural area renowned for its market gardens and farms of national renown, we recipes are the basis of vegetables and fresh fruits. Breakfast Gite Souss. - Argan oil, Amlou based on almond paste, olive oil, honey, butter ... -Reps, bread, eggs - tea , coffee, milk and orange juice flat Souss: Our suggestions: Tajine of Chicken with preserved lemons, tagine of lamb with prunes and almonds, tajine of beef with quince, Tajine of vegetables, Moroccan salads, kebabs, pastillas, and couscous (with supplement), seasonal fruit salad.


A soup made from dried vegetables, tomatoes, and a little meat. It is added just to taste some lemon juice, and it is served with dates.


Moroccan salad with tomatoes and grilled peppers, varied salad; Salad flavored with walnut and cinnamon, eggplant caviar (zaalouk), but also salads made with artichokes, zucchini, aubergines ... They are often scented with cumin or coriander, 2 ingredients flagship of Moroccan kitchen .


A real couscous with semolina steamed several times. The couscous consists only of vegetables, or chicken, lamb, beef. Semolina is barley or wheat. Let yourself be seduced and taste.


These are exceptional dishes that must absolutely taste, even if for that it will be necessary to break his piggy bank. I recommend the one to the pigeon, really typical. I loved the restaurant at Foundouk, and also the burbot at the Dar Moha (see the ticket where to eat in Marrakech).